[not yet] and [no longer]

Can Yağız

“[not yet] and [no longer]” is a new participatory cataloguing workshop facilitated by Can Yağız. During “[not yet] and [no longer]” the items within The Collection will be “uploaded” and digitally organized in a newly formed online “cataloging system”, hosted on are.na, a platform that participants and visitors to the library can use from now on to simplify their own cataloging. Prompted by a series of excerpts and citations around the work of Hanne Darboven, and compiled by Yağız, the session will be enriched by thoughts on transcription and archivization as methods of memorizing and forgetting, and the contrast between physical and digital agency.

“[not yet] and [no longer]” will result in a fully autonomous online resource to be accessible from our new website. It will also mark our last workshop held at 243 W. Read St., and an opportunity to bid our first home goodbye together.

Check out our digital stacks here, on are.na!